State Audit misses more than 100 people overcharged in Methuen Towing Scheme


With hundreds or more cases of Valley Towing over charging people, do you think it's a civil matter or a crime?

Posted by Where is my Car on Saturday, December 1, 2018

METHUEN, MA – Last winter more than 100 cars were stored in unsecured lots up and down Merrimack St in Methuen because Valley Towing, the city towing contractor also on Merrimack St., did not have room to store the large number of vehicles being towed. Some were stored at Heavenly Donuts, others at St. Lucy’s Church.

Several people complained that they picked their cars up in an “unsecured lot” but paid the full storage rate. In Massachusetts, if your car is towed involuntarily, such as by the police or property manager for snow removal, the rates the towing company can charge for towing and storage are regulate by the MA DPU.

The DPU ruled in favor of these over charging victims and Valley sent each a refund check. These complaints and a few others triggered an audit of Valley by the DPU. Valley was required to turn in all tow-slips for involuntary tows done between Oct 1, and Dec 31, of 2017.

Apparently they missed the ODOMETER FRAUD.

Check out all of the odometer entries in this selection of around 120 of the 200 tows we sampled.

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The results were published in the Eagle Tribune.

It turns out the audit missed over a hundred overcharges.  Check out what happened at Royal Crest Estates in North Andover.  40 overcharges have surfaced so far. Victims are filing complaints with the DPU for the missed overcharges.

Many, many vehicles were stored at the Church and not refunded. Their owners have begun filing complaints with the DPU for the missed overcharges as well.

As part of it’s Consent Order, Valley issued 29 refund checks.  As of November 28, 2017, we have contacted four victims who never received their check mailed last spring.

Please share this story, tweet it, tell people.  If you have a Valley Towing receipt, you probably have a refund coming to you.

Read more about this massive over billing scheme in our File Room.

It’s not the first time they’ve had problems.

And you have to read their reviews….  ( you cant make these up, they go back long before we ever started this site, and they aren’t good.  One reviewer warned “if you’re reading this, contact the Attorney General”.)

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Methuen Police Chief Joe Solomon sees no problem.  See the whole interview HERE.