Valley Towing Methuen
Valley Towing Methuen, MA

What The Fuck !

This is what most people say to themselves after walking out of Valley Towing. Somehow you ended up getting towed by these thieves and you're now forced to deal with them.

You're Not Alone

Valley Towing has been abusing their customers and stealing from them for over 40 years.

Rhonda Parrino

If you've had to go to Valley then you've probably dealt with Rhonda Parrino.

You couldn't find a more miserable person to run a buisness if you tried.

She will hang up on you when you call, and swear at you or throw you out of the office when you get there.

The Yelp Reviews don't lie.

Here is Rhonda threatening a customer if his video goes on the internet.

We Can Help

Since 2016, we have helped dozens of victims who have been overcharged and abused by Valley Towing, and we want to help you too.

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Thank You

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