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City of Lawrence Suspends Valley Towing


Valley Towing Suspended from Lawrence

On 1-17-18 Lawrence Community Activist Debo Brown went out to St. Lucy’s Church in Methuen, where Valley Towing was storing cars towed from the City of Lawrence for snow-ban parking enforcement (for snow removal).  Valley was overcharging residents.  They were supposed to charge a reduced rate for storage in an UNSECURED LOT.  The fees are set by law.  See HERE.  So people who were supposed to pay $140.50 were charged $158.00.


Debo Brown brought a victim to the Methuen Police. She was overcharged by Valley Towing, a Methuen business, in Methuen.  They were told to speak to a “Supervisor” but were sent away when the Officer didn’t know the laws on towing and storage.

On 1-18-18 Valley Towing was suspended from towing for the City of Lawrence.

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Not the first time.

The City of Methuen actually Suspended Valley Towing in the mid 90’s seen here in an Eagle Tribune story from Brad Goldstein, and also back in 1987 when they were charged with auto theft and insurance fraud.