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Hispanics being targeted by Methuen Towing Company.


METHUEN, MA – – Watch out for your people. Valley Towing has been overcharging and stealing peoples cars for decades. There are thousands of victims that do not speak English and have no idea that we are finally exposing.

We have stories from many hispanic victims who have been threatened with losing their license for “abonding” their car. This isn’t the truth. This towing company is lying to keep people vehicles. They will tell you to bring ‘CASH and the Title”.

The sad part of this story is they have the police on their side. If you report any issues with Valley Towing to the Methuen Police, you will be turned away. The Chief and Captains have been friends with Valley’s owners for decades !

The owner of Valley Towing is Ron Parrino, Methuen’s Licensing Board Chairman, and this guy is politically connected so you can guarantee nothing will happen.

Fox 25 Boston did a story on this last year, but people are still being disenfranchised. It’s amazing how this is allowed to continue with over a decade of bad reviews on Google and Yelp, complaints to the Mass Attorney General and DPU.

So please share this, and share your stories so others will not become victims of this predatory towing company.