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Read about one of the largest over billing schemes in Massachusetts Towing history !!

Police and Trespass towing company in Methuen, MA caught falsifying odometer readings to inflate mileage charges.


Valley towing has been stealing from people for decades. They are currently facing a Class-Action Lawsuit in Essex County Superior Court. If you were towed by Valley Towing you were overcharged…

The Scam

The Victims

Your Rights

The Methuen Police are not protecting innocent victims of the predatory and deliberate overcharging of it’s towing contractor Valley Towing who’s owner is friends with the MPD Leadership and a career politician in town, or the family owned chop-shop that is part of a racketeering enterprise. Just read Methuen Officer Havey’s SHOCKING REPORT.


Valley Towing has been overcharging its customers.  They admitted it and started refunding customers in early 2018.  A subsequent audit by the Mass DPU confirmed the overcharging.


Methuen Towing Contract

According to their towing contract with the City of Methuen, Chief Solomon is in charge and awards the contract in the city’s “best interests” with the ability to cancel it at any time without having to show cause, however, he may do so for any of the reasons in Section 15 of the contract. 

Read Sections 14 & 15 and 20 – 24. of the towing CONTRACT, it’s valid through April of 2019.

Section 15F: The CONTRACTOR or his representative creating an uncooperative situation with the PUBLIC and/or the POLICE“.

Lawrence Suspends Valley Towing Contract

Unlike Methuen, the City of Lawrence took swift action suspending Valley Towing from the weekly rotation.

City of Lawrence Suspends Valley Towing


Make sure you read the many reviews left Online on YELP.


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Valley Towing is currently facing a Class-Action Lawsuit for a massive overcharging scheme.