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MA State Trooper’s son files false report to Methuen Police but Essex County DA refuses to prosecute.


METHUEN, MA – It’s always something with Valley Towing in Methuen. After being caught up in an insurance fraud and auto theft scheme in the 80’s, Methuen Licensing Board Chairman Ronald Parrino’s towing company went out of business.

It was reopened at the same location with a new name Valley Towing Inc., by Mass State Trooper Ronald Bellanti. He has since passed away, and Ron Parrino is the current owner.

You can read more about this on our page THE SCAM.

In the article below, from Rumbo News, you will read about how Trevor Lawrence, son of Mass State Police Trooper John Lawrence, and manager of police contractor Valley Towing, filed a false stolen motor vehicle report to the Methuen Police, by fabricating details, which are included in the report.

Methuen PD and Essex County Assistant District Attorney declined to prosecute.

Trevor wants to be a Methuen Cop
Trevor Lawrence

Here is one of Trevor’s Invoices

Inflated Fuel Surcharge & Storage Charges
Here you see a fuel surcharge being improperly applied. According to the Mass DPU, the fuel factor for March 2017 was 2.5%. Multiply that by the $90.00 fuel burning portion of this bill and the result is only $2.25. Clearly a $.75 overcharge. 

The storage is also being doubled. This vehicle was stored in an unsecured lot and should only have been charged $17.50 for one day of storage.

Here is Trevor’s False police Report

For more on the Mass State Police connection, click on the picture below.

Haverhill MSP Salvage Inspection Unit