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Methuen and Lawrence Police Parking Enforcement Officers linked to Valley Towing.

Jeff Rubino

Jeff Rubino Methuen Police Parking Enforcement


METHUEN, MA – – It’s politics as usual in Methuen where the city’s towing contractor, Valley Towing, happens to be owned by the City’s Licensing Board Chairman, Ronald Parrino.  This is a public government body where the Police appear before Mr. Parrino regularly when taking enforcement actions against city licensed businesses, such as licensed auto dealers and repairers like Valley Towing.

Methuen Police

The son of long time Valley Towing manager Joe (Fletch) Rubino, just happens to be the Methuen Police Department’s Parking Enforcement Officer, Jeff Rubino.  Valley towing has been contracted with Methuen Police since before Jeff was born.

During the winter of 2017 – 2018 Methuen experienced some of the heaviest snowfall on record.  Many vehicles were towed by Valley Towing per order of Jeff Rubino MPD.


Here we see a vehicle ordered towed by Rubino, then stored at Heavenly Donuts (HD), an unsecured lot, but charged $35 for secured lot storage fee. Also, the odometer reading is fabricated and Valley charged for the additional mileage.


Valley over-charged the consumer for an extra 3 miles at $3.60/mile. It was only seven miles round trip.


Jeff Rubino Methuen Police Parking Enforcement Officer with his Dad Joe (Fletch) Rubino, long time manager of Valley Towing.

Jeff Rubino – Methuen Police Parking Enforcement Officer with his dad Joe (Fletch) Rubino, long time manager of Valley Towing.



Lawrence Police

Karen Toto was the former Lawrence Police Department’s Parking Enforcement Officer before finally leaving after numerous workers compensation claims.  She also happens to be the long time girlfriend of Ron Parrino.

Karen Toto Eagle Tribune

No Coincidence

This is not a coincidence. Valley Towing has been towing for Methuen and Lawrence Police for decades and they have strategically placed themselves in a position to capitalize. What do you think?

The Scam

If you think that’s a little fishy, read about how this place was caught stealing cars in the 1980’s, went out of buisness, but reopened in a MASS State Troopers name, with the Lawrence and Methuen Towing Contracts and DPU Certificate at the same location, seamlessly.  We have the proof !