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The Victims


On this site you will read about some of the victims of this massive scheme to defraud the people who are forced into an involuntary towing contract.


Victoria was in a car accident and her car had to be towed by Valley. When the wrecker showed up, she informed them it was an all-wheel-drive and needed a flatbed.  The driver argued and refused and you can see what happened next.

They didn’t know it was recorded and claimed the damage was done in the accident.

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When Carlos had his car towed by the Lawrence Police in 2017, Valley Towing was called.

His S2000 Honda’s front bumper was destroyed and Carlos had to pay for the damage even after showing Valley and the Police the video.

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In 2011 Amanda was involved in an terrible accident requiring surgery.  She was driving her “first car”.  Her car was towed by Valley and sent to Fram’s and crushed with her belongings inside and plates still attached.  Amanda was shown a form, forged by Valley, stating that she gave them permission to junk the vehicle.

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Chris was involved in a motor vehicle accident in Methuen in December of 2016.  His 97 Honda Accord was disabled and ordered towed by Valley Towing.  It was junked before the insurance paid the claim.  Chris reported it stolen by Valley, and junked at Fram’s, to Methuen Police in May 2017, but they called it a “civil matter” and sent him away.

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In February of 2017, Cathy’s brother’s car was towed from her private property by Valley Towing while she was away from home, and wasn’t aware that the car had been towed until her brother got a bill from Valley Towing.

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David’s truck was parked on private property next door to Valley Towing.  In May of 2017, just a week after Chris  reported his Honda stolen, David called the Methuen Police to report his truck stolen.  The Police were able to locate the truck, stripped and half junked at Fram’s Auto.  Valley Towing admitted they towed it, but Police told David it was a “civil matter”.

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Sarah was involved in an auto accident in Methuen in November of 2017. After fighting with Valley to get her car released, she went to the Police for help.  The only help she got was a dispatcher telling her “this happens all the time, make a facebook post”.

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In December of 2017 Jen’s underage daughter was T-Boned by off duty North Andover Police Officer Gene Salois, who was in uniform, in Methuen.  Before the Methuen Police arrived, the vehicle was moved, and parked off the road and out of the way so Jen informed the Methuen officer AAA would be coming to tow the vehicle. For no community care-taking reason or other justifiable cause, the officer ordered Valley Towing to take the car and impound it pending payment of the lien for the towing and storage of the car. What happened next was unbelievable.

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Liam had his Mini Cooper towed by Valley on November 3, 2017. It’s still there !!

Not long after, he had major surgery. When he was finally able to, he went to Valley to try and get his car back, explaining to them his medical situation. He got no sympathy, they want thousands for the towing and storage. The only problem is they didn’t read Section 11 in their contract….

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Talk about rude, Talon along with his girlfriend and her Mom went to Valley towing after their car was ordered towed there by Methuen Police. They were yelled and sworn at. Threatened by the manager who claimed to be in the Mafia !

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