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This is the type of service you get when the Police are contracted with Valley Towing.

Carlos had his car ordered towed by Lawrence Police who contract with Valley.  Once they had the car on the flatbed, it was brought to Valley’s impound lot in Methuen.

Carlos told Valley he wanted to get AAA to come tow his car to his home, but they told him it would be an additional $90 to tow the car from inside the yard, outside the gate.

Carlos agreed to pay Valley to tow his car from their impound yard, back to his home.  Once there, he recorded Valley’s driver unloading his car and destroying the front bumper.  He then confronted Parrino who yelled and swore at him and told him to sue him, even when confronted with the video evidence.

He went to the Lawrence Police, showed them the video, and complained about Valley, but nothing was done.  It cost him over $800 to repair the damages.