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David’s truck got stolen by Valley Towing.


David is another innocent victim.  His truck is destroyed. Unlike the other victims, Dave’s truck was just parked on private property minding its own business when Valley Towing decided to go steal it and sell it to Fram’s Auto to be crushed in May of 2017.

It is a plow truck he keeps on the property just for the purpose of plowing that property in the winter. VIN# 1GCHK29UX1E195432.

After he contacted the Police, he was relieved to hear Office Havey had located his vehicle at Fram’s, however it wasn’t returned for weeks, and when it finally was returned, it was unrepairable.

Havey informed David he could take Valley Towing to civil court even though the owner of Valley, Ronald Parrino, admitted they took the vehicle without authority, a felony !!

Months later David went to the NH Department of Safety in Concord, NH, where he was told by a representative at the Title Division that his title has been branded as JUNKED noting it was sold from Valley Towing to Fram’s Auto to be salvaged. This was entered into the Department of Justice NMVTIS database.  ( National Motor Vehicle Title Information System.)

David went to the Police who did “another investigation” but refused to charge Fram’s Auto with receiving stolen property, or destroying David’s truck, even though Mr. DuFour, the owner of Fram’s, admitted buying it without paperwork, a common practice.

There were multiple witnesses, employee’s of both Fram’s and Valley, that were interviewd by the police stating Mr. Parrino ordered the truck towed and personally sold it. He even admitted it to the Police.  Instead of being arrested, the Methuen police sent Ronald Parrino to a Criminal Clerk Magistrate Hearing at Lawrence District Court. While waiting for the hearing, Parrino’s Attorney reached out to David several times offering money.  David didn’t want the money, he wants Justice.

The first hearing on November 16, 2017 got continued.

The second hearing on December 21, 2017, didn’t go like a probable cause hearing at all. The police officer barely spoke, and Parrino’s attorney did most of the talking.

David was offered a cash deal which the Clerk told him was a good offer. When David was explaining that it was his plow truck specifically for plowing 160 Merrimack St., the Clerk asked Ronnie if he plows snow  and could plow the lot.  David refused….. !!!!

David was told by the Clerk his only recourse is to sue Valley Towing in Small Claims Court where it would most likely come back in front of him.

Here is a LINK to the Clerk Magistrate Hearings and here is a LINK to the appraisal.  $9000 to fix, with used parts !!

Read the SHOCKING updated Police REPORT, by Sgt. Havey, that David only just recently obtained, months after the hearing.  Its outrageous !!  Then read about how he checks the books at Fram’s every year, finds them in disarray, and reports back to Chairman ( Judge ) Parrino HERE

Read the 1st Report Havey wrote Click HERE