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My daughter was hit by an off duty North Andover Police Officer, who was in uniform, on December 11, 2017 at 430 in the intersection of Railroad and Oakland in Methuen. He t-boned her in her passengers side.

It was his fault but we were not treated properly by the cops at the scene. I called and talked to Lieutenant Max which was a waste of time. They didn’t want to call an ambulance for my under age girl or have her car towed until I called AAA, then they got feisty, telling me “triple a cant tow it, and Valley needed to due to a town contract”.

Its my car !! I was so upset.

Then when I got the police report, of course it was written like a he said she said, so we are fighting with the Insurance Company now over liability thanks to them.

He clearly slammed into the side of her car, then had her move it with out taking any pictures to document the evidence.

Dealing with Valley Towing was an AWFUL experience.

I called to have AAA pick up the car from Valley the Friday before Christmas weekend. On our way i called valley said we could get the car if we were there before closing at 4 which we were.

Upon arrival the woman at Valley was screaming at the poor AAA driver to get off their lot. All of a sudden the furious woman told me “I had to pay for the tow and come back on the 26th to get the car”. She said it was “part of their policy and procedures”. When i asked for a copy she  told me she could charge me for holding the car for the weekend.

She threatened me !!  Then I was told to go ahead and call the Police like it was a joke.

Horrible dealing with people who swore to protect and serve.