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Imagine your car gets towed and then you end up in the Hospital for surgery.

Liam had his Mini Cooper towed by Valley on November 3 of 2017.  When Liam was able to get to Valley finally, they showed him no sympathy.  I understand they have a buisness to run, but they are extorting Liam for a substantial amount of money.

You see, according to Section 11 in Valley’s CONTRACT with the City, if they don’t mail out a notifcation within 5 days, they forfeit any storage beyond that first 5 days.

Here, they waited three weeks to send out the first mailing…..

So why are they still holding Liam’s Car?


We added Liam to the website the morning of 1/2/18, sometime between then and early afternoon that same day, someone from Valley called Liam and said “he needs to get it out of there”.  Was told by the man on the phone “pay a little money and take it” !