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Sarah’s terrible experience with Methuen Police and Valley Towing.


In November of 2017, Sarah was involved in a car accident in Methuen.  Having never been in a situation like this, Sarah was scared and confused.  So naturally she was relieved to see a Methuen Police officer.

According to Sarah, the officer summoned Valley Towing to the scene.  Once there, and in front of the officer, the tow-truck driver solicited Sarah for $300 cash with the ultimatum that her vehicle could be towed home for cash, or towed to Valley’s Lot and held there.  She didn’t give the tow-truck driver any money.

When she tried to get her car released, she was greeted by hostility from Valley Towing and was forced to go to the Methuen Police for help.  A detective called over to Valley on her behalf.

On her way out, a dispatcher whispered that “this happens all the time, you need to make a public post about this if you want anyone to pay attention”.

From Sarah

This is a Facebook Post Sarah made on Nov 19, 2017

“It is very unfortunate how displeased I am with Methuen Police Department based on ongoing events which began this past Monday night regarding an accident I was in. I am sharing this post to advise anyone who is in an auto accident to refuse towing from Valley Towing in Methuen, Massachusetts due to their difficult and rude behavior.

While the issue I have is with the tow company, it was the officer on duty who called them for me. Valley Towing is their on call towing business they called for me last Monday, and I have been unable to retrieve my vehicle from their lot.

I am not the first person this has happened to and the police are aware of this problem, yet, this is still a tow company that they keep “on rotation” when they come across someone who needs their help. Hopefully I will get my car back tomorrow, it is just extremely unsettling to know that in an emergency I am not able to rely on local safety officials for the well being and safety of myself or my possessions.

Again, do not let Valley Towing in Methuen, MA tow your car. Even if it is someone from the police department who recommends them to you.

For more proof of the illegitimacy of this tow company, google search their name and click their google reviews. I take everything I read online with a grain of salt, but based on my experiences this past week I would believe every one of them.”

This is outrageous  !