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About 3 years ago, Talon and his girlfriend at the time were in Methuen to see friends. They were in a Mini Cooper, and she was driving, when they were involved in an accident near Osgood and Pleasant St.

She tried calling AAA to have a flat bed bring it to the place where she wanted to get it fixed. The cops were there and knew they were calling AAA. Because his girlfriend was hysterical, Talon spoke to the office and the driver from Valley.

Valley did not have a flat bed available and according to Talon, in the manual of a mini cooper it requires a flatbed type tow truck. So he was explaining to the cop that if Valley didn’t have a flatbed available, he would need to let them call AAA.  Talon said that he explained to the officer and the tow truck driver that it requires a flat bed, but they just put it on the the wheel-lift anyways.

They got a ride to Valley Towing from his girlfriends Mom, and when they got to Valley the manager told me and my ex that he claimed to be apart of the mafia.

According to Talon, Valley charged over $120.00 just to get it out of the junk yard, was threatening them saying stuff like oh there’s no way you can get that car back, its mine now and you can fuck off.

They didn’t get the car back that day either, it took a couple of weeks, and the car had additional damage from the tow truck.