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Why are cars disappearing in Methuen and Lawrence.


METHUEN, MA – There is a little area in the East End of town that I refer to as the Bermuda Triangle of Methuen. The actual location is 150 Merrimack St., home of Valley Towing. If your car or truck ends up there, the chances of ever seeing it again diminish by the day.

Valley Towing responds to calls for service from the Methuen Police. According to the laws that govern involuntary towing, when the owner of a vehicle makes contact with the towing company, the only way that vehicle can then be disposed of is through a Court Order, but that isn’t happening.

The owner of Valley is Ron Parrino, Chairman of the Methuen Licensing Board. When the police find a business is violating the terms of their license, the owner is brought before the Licensing Board by the Police Departments Licensing Enforcement Officer.  The Police appear before Mr. Parrino and the Licensing Board on a regular basis.  Chairman Parrino been friends with Chief Joe Solomon for decades.

So when a vehicle just disappears from Valley Towing, and the angry owner goes to the Methuen Police to report their vehicle stolen, the Police tell the victim it is a “civil matter”. There are at least 5 vehicles that have vanished without a trace. No records entered into the Federal Database responsible for tracking crashed and junked cars, and in most cases, no Title ever applied for.

Methuen Police David Lee Havey Report

Sargent Havey’s 2nd Police Report


Read about David Lee and the theft of his truck by his next door neighbor Valley Towing.   Ron Parrino admitted to stealing the truck to sell it for scrap, but was never arrested.  Fox 25 Boston covered this story last February, 2018.

If you or someone that you know has been towed by this company, they were most likely overcharged and defrauded.  Please share this story and help us spread the word so that others do not fall victim to this trap and lose their money or vehicle forever.